Google Handicrafts from Asia, Nepal & Tibet Arts & Crafts
Handicrafts from Asia, Nepal & Tibet Arts & Crafts

We offer a wide variety of High Quality Handicrafts from Asia, and more specifically from Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. We also supply Garments in wool, cashmere, cotton and other materials as well as high fashion clothing.

HandicraftsAsia is part of the WholesaleNepal Group. For more than a decade, we have therefore been supplying other wholesalers, interior decorators, gift shops and other merchants Internationally.

On this page, we display a brief selection of the quality products or product-lines we can supply. We export over 2000 different types of products, not shown here including silver white metal jewelry, tibetan products, recycled paper and many other new items. We invite your inquiries. To contact us, click on button below.

Sterling silver with or without stones
Silver Jewellery collections
Wide variety of pure cashmere and 70-30 cashmere pashmina
World's finest Cashmere Pashmina
rugs in pure wool, nettle, wool and hemp, etc.
Designer Wool Rugs, custom made modern & traditional styles
buddhist tibetan ritual items
Tibetan Ritual Items (prayer wheels, flags, etc)
singing bowls old and new
Tibetan Singing bowls & gongs
over 60 variety of natural incense to choose from
Natural Tibetan Incense from Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan
finest wood carvings of buddha and subjects in nepal
Finest wood carvings by master craftsmen
wide range of clothing
Clothing items in wool
many varieties of incense holders and burners
Incense holders & burners
bags in suede leather, cotton, silk, hemp and other materials
Bags in cotton, mixed silk wool, suede leather, etc.
statues of buddha and other gods and godesses
Buddha statues in copper, wood, resin, etc.
lokta paper (daphne) photo frame, ideal for gifts and ideas
Corporate Gifts & Ideas
new baby sweater product line in pure cashmere
Baby Sweaters in Pure Cashmere
notebooks, writing pads, photo frames, etc
Lokta (Daphne) paper products from Nepal
Pure Cashmere Shawls


custom made jewelry items wool felt items, flowers, decorations bulk orders of wool hats and gloves and other
Custom made gold plated bracelet One of many wool felt items Felt hats

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